Q:  I heard Big Creek and Pine Ridge were only included to lower the cost to all voters.  They don't have many kids and they only attend 9-12 anyway.  Is this really fair?
A:  Of all the possible solutions, it is the most fair choice to included Big Creek and Pine Ridge in the vote.  Their K-8 schools do a wonderful job, but those students all flow into Sierra High School.  The outcome of this vote will significantly impact what happens at Sierra High in the next 10 years.  Those district representatives have expressed concern from their communities on the availability of transportation and programs for their high schoolers.  The most reasonable option is to include these communities in the vote, as well as the outcome.
Q:  Four years ago, Big Creek and Pine Ridge were included in the bond proposal, two years ago they not included, and now they are included on this proposal.  Why the inconsistancy?  Why should they pay off the Foothill campus loan when they have their own K-8 schools?
A:  Good question!  The difference between these bond proposals was what the funds would be used to support.  Pine Ridge and Big Creek students do attend Sierra High School.  If the bond proposal significanly affected the high school, Pine Ridge and Big Creek were included in the vote.  Although Measure O pays off the Foothill campus,  that loan is paid from the general fund, and because the outcome so significantly impacts the high school programs, the fair and equitable course is for Pine Ridge and Big Creek to participate in the vote.