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Q:  Haven't the transportation cuts been cancelled?  Weren't they replaced with cuts spread across all students?  Is the continued discussion of transportation just a scare tactic?
A:  According to Gov. Brown's budget for the current fiscal year (which started Jul 1, 2011), if revenues didn't reach a certain level (called a "trigger point"), cuts would be made mid-year (i.e. Jan 1).  These cuts were made as a mid-year cut to home-school transportation, levied by Gov. Brown in December, but were rescinded in February of this year by SB81.  However, SB 81 addressed THIS YEAR ONLY.  Tranportation cuts are still part of the governor's budget for next year.  Per Kevin Yamamura's Capitol Alert article at (Feb 15), this cut may be delayed until the following year as the state debates a complete restructure of school funding, but transportation cuts still remain very much "on the table"--so much so that Fresno County continues to direct their districts to assume no transportation funding for next year and budget accordingly.