SUSD has definitely looked at selling and/or leasing its properties.  In fact, the Virginia Causey Education Center (a.k.a. the old district office), arguably the most marketable and versatile facility the district owns, has been for lease for over a year with not one potential customer.  Selling school properties is a complex process.  Districts must first offer the property to government agencies for low-income housing and park and recreation uses.  Once that is done, there are a host of other government agencies that have "first dibs" on the property before it can be placed on the open market.  In today's real estate market, the old campuses would not bring much.  Added to this, the district has reconfigured to two schools, but those two schools are full.  Should the student population increase even moderately, it would be time to consider expanding beyond the two-campus model.  At that point, the existing AES and SES campuses present a huge advantage over starting from scratch.  The district has property associated with the Ag Farm, which we believe they should try to preserve, and an additional property in the Millerton area, which would possibly bring $100-200,000 in today's market--a small portion of one year's payment on the existing debt.